022                                                                                                               21 February 2017


We are all here to live every situation you can imagine, good or bad; right or wrong; positive or negative. Why? So we can learn from the experience as part of the adventure of life.  Murray Kibblewhite

CASE STUDY – Be Your Own Doctor

Annette Noontil in her book “The Body is the Barometer of the Soul SO Be Your Own Doctor” on page 124 says, “Do not forget that you attract what you need to learn.”

At one of the educational institutions, I worked at there was a male teacher, who on the surface was eloquent, knowledgeable and efficient. However, for me the most noticeable actions he displayed indicated something else.

While teaching and when he spoke with me he was always sneezing, coughing and blowing his nose. It made me feel uncomfortable being in his presence.

According to Annette Noontil, his symptoms’ were of what would be called the common cold. They indicated he was feeling or trying to: –

  • Get rid of the emotions of not being his own master,
  • Not enjoying himself or what he was doing,
  • Not accepting himself in a way that he felt cheated, and
  • He was unable to see his good points

Summarized, this man was not enjoying being a teacher as he was not his own master and could not see or accept his own good points.

On page 123 Noontil says, “Your body tells you what you need to learn” So it is important to realize as well, that whatever you see in others, you have in yourself.

So these two guidelines can help you decide what and where you need to change and not expect others to change!

Further on she says, “Anything that stops you from being and being at one with the Universe, such as limiting fears, guilt, worry, yearning, raciness or no self-acceptance, means you need to change.”


Learning and change go hand in hand. Become aware of your body and the physical   indicators of others to see where to learn. The effort of making a change means accepting that all events are learning experiences to help you become at one with the Universe.

All life’s experiences are opportunities to learn. The challenge is to decide, what are the real lessons to be learnt?



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