Now I Know


040                                                                                                                       02 June 2017


We are all here to live every situation you can imagine, good or bad; right or wrong; positive or negative. Why? So we can learn from the experience as part of the adventure of life.  Murray Kibblewhite


Today I was handed written evaluations of three Business Plans I had helped prepare. All three applicants had prepared substantial plans but were not approved for grants from the NZ Government

I read through the three evaluations and the overall impression was, that while a considerable amount of work had gone into each plan, all over 60 pages in length, the Vetter had been extremely critical. However, the Vetter’s evaluation was acted on by two Government employees with little business experience. It seemed these two people with the authority to approve, were not prepared to approve the grants as they were scared of making a mistake. In other words, the applicant was “guilty until proven innocent?”

Where was the recognition of the applicant for the training, experience and considerable work put into preparing the Business Plan? What can we do?

My recommendation to my employer was for them to employ an independent assessor to review the three Business Plans and the three separate evaluations to see if they agreed or disagreed with the declinatures. These independent findings would then be presented to the NZ Government seeking a review of the applications.

Yesterday I received another letter from a different NZ Government Department regarding a complaint I had lodged some months ago on behalf of a friend. He was suffering as he had lost the sight in his Right eye three years previously due to a botched cataract operation. That was not all, as he suffered intense pain and headaches from the injections in his Left eye where he had AMD (Aging Macular Degeneration).These factors had increased his stress levels so he now had shingles as well! It seemed he is allergic to the injections.

The pathway for his complaint against the local Health Board is likely to be tortuous and complex. The established system for making complaints did not include a one-on-one interview which is what my friend wanted so as to clarify any possible miss-understandings in the vast amount of written material we had submitted with our complaint.

My friend, at this time, chose not to employ an independent specialist at his own cost and will wait the findings of the independent investigator provided by the Government Department. So what to do?


In both the above cases of complaint there are complex systems to follow, which are probably designed to dissuade the complainant continuing.

However, in both cases the learning is the same – accept your Destiny, stand up for your Rights and like when dealing with a “bully”- Challenge him!

All life’s experiences are opportunities to learn. The challenge is to decide, what are the real lessons to be learnt?


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