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083                                                                                                           01-04-2017


We are all here to live every situation you can imagine, good or bad; right or wrong; positive or negative. Why? So we can learn from the experience as part of the adventure of life.  Murray Kibblewhite


The Saturday before Christmas here in New Zealand 2017 was an epiphany day when several events happened that showed me the way to follow.

First, at yoga, the class starts at 8.00am each Saturday, and we were in the last meditation. I was lying on my mat on the floor with my eyes closed, recovering from a series of exercises when the blackness was replaced by a white light, I felt lighter and my right arm began lifting from floor without any effort on my part!

Was this the start of levitation?

Unfortunately, this unique event was cut short by the teacher telling us to change position for the next posture. Was this a sign that my spiritual practices were growing?

Secondly, that afternoon at the wedding of one of my Korean ex-students, I was overcome by the power of words of the Pastor so much that I cried, unable to explain why I was so affected by this simple but moving ceremony. Was this a sign that there was something or some person who could join with me to improve on my present single situation? Was this a sign I would soon find another partner?

The third event was also at the wedding. The Pastor used a powerful analogy of a three strand rope being unbreakable as compared to a double or single strand. As he eloquently explained, referring to Ecclesiastes3/12:-

“And if one prevails against him, two will withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”

Was this a further sign that my future partner or I, would have a strong connection to God?


So what was the learning?

It is said that God moves in mysterious ways so we have to respect and understand every event, situation and personas bringing you a message.

That day I learnt of new changes coming my way.

All life’s experiences are opportunities to learn. The challenge is to decide, what is the real lesson to be learnt?

How to use:-

1) Accept you need to change your Attitude and Actions on a daily basis.

2) Read, view, discuss and learn other ways. Set time aside daily to study.

3) Practice a new action until it becomes a better habit. Then tell your friends.

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