Project L.E.L. is a series of short stories that deal with Living – Experience – Learning and have strong themes of self discovery and spiritual understanding.  They are real life anecdote of young people living in a different country to that of their birth, conveyed in a series of 22 short stories showing every person has their own story and lessons to learn.

Every person has their own story. And as a Teacher I heard many stories that astounded me and I wondered why they happened!Then I suddenly realized that each person is unique and is experiencing life differently to everyone else. But why?

Then I made another connection – each person has a different life here on this planet so as to learn a lesson or lessons. And some of these lessons are painful to learn and some are pleasant. Once the lesson is learnt a person does not have to experience it again. The problem goes away and a new challenge comes into your life. Rather like a person changing jobs because they are bored and want a new challenge.

So I am writing a series of short stories based on real people who I have met or know about. Many of the stories are based on different Asian female students I have taught. Why females, because there were more of them than males!.

Each story is between 1,000 and 2,000 words in length and they cover a period of 22+ years from 17 – 39 years of age.

I have not used the person’s real name to protect their privacy and usually I have expressed the story in a dramatic way and introduced other issues to emphasize the main theme of the story. So they are fiction based upon true events.

The overall theme is Self Discovery and Spiritual Lessons learnt from the experience.

Project L.E.L. stories are available free from Smashwords.

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