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098                                                                                                                       07/09/2018


We are all here to live every situationwecan imagine, good or bad; right or wrong; positive or negative. Why? So we can learn from the experience as part of the adventure of life.  Murray Kibblewhite


 My Chinese flatmate was making disgusting noises as he tried to spit out the phlegm in his throat. When I asked him how he was, he said in a deep throaty voice. “Not well!”

So I opened Anette Noontil’s book, “The Body is The Barometer of the Soul – So be your own Doctor,” page 120 and read out: –

“The Common Cold. A virus cannot attack you unless you are doing these negative attitudes beforehand. Therefore, you are leaving yourself out and not being in control of yourself when acting out a few of these negative concepts.”

 So what were the attitudes that went against him? Noontil said: –

Throat Phlegm – Chakra No 6. You cannot relate to someone from what they have said or done. You need a live and let live attitude.”

 So what were the circumstances that caused him to be so upset?

The previous day he had expressed his disappointment to me that his work mates did not acknowledge the special contribution he had made to the company. As a perfectionist, he saw the extra benefits he had provided, but was upset not being recognized for what he had done.

 By nature he was a humble person so he did not boast about what he had done. But he was greatly annoyed by their lack of recognition.

On top of this situation, he had, the same day, handed in his notice to leave, as he could not stand the management from the Chinese owner/manager. This decision had been on his mind for months, so he was very unhappy.

The situation set out by Noontil was the correct analysis.


So what is the learning?

He has to rise above the incidents and accept that while he is better than others and has contributed a great idea, he has to learn to accept himself as he is and not expect others to see him as he sees himself.

We are all here on our own journeys. His journey is to love himself and let others carry on their own paths. Live for himself and let others live their lives.

All life’s experiences are opportunities to learn. The challenge is to decide, what is the real lesson to be learnt?

How to use:-

1) Accept you need to change your Attitude and Actions on a daily basis.

2) Read, view, discuss and learn other ways. Set time aside daily to study.

3) Practice a new action until it becomes a better habit. Then discuss with your friends.

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