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124                                                                                                                       01-20-2019


We are all here to live every situation we can imagine, good or bad; right or wrong; positive or negative. Why? So we can learn from the experience as part of the adventure of life.  Murray Kibblewhite

CASE STUDY – HOW LOVE HEALS YOU                                                               


 In his excellent book, “Teach Only Love”, Gerald G. Jampolsky explains his concept “Attitudinal Healing”. On the second page of his Introduction he says:-

“Our attitudes determine whether we experience peace or fear, whether we are well or sick, free or imprisoned. Love, in its true meaning, is the attitude that this book is about.

Love is total acceptance and total giving-with no boundaries and no exceptions. Love, being the only reality, cannot be transformed. It can only extend and expand. It unfolds endlessly and beautifully upon itself. Love sees everyone as blameless, for it recognizes the light within each one of us. Love is the total absence of fear and the basis for all attitudinal healing”

 On page 3 he states:-

“We believe that the general turn of the events in our lives is not to be trusted, so we view everyone and everything either as an enemy or at least as potentially dangerous. This attitude, in turn, makes us feel unworthy of love. It makes us feel guilty and helpless and ambiguous about everything. It results in an attempt to control reality, so the only talents we develop are manipulative ones.”

Then on page 6 he continues:-

“The lesson was clear. When a person is concerned only with giving, there is no anxiety. Much later in life, I was to discover that very often there is also no pain or sense of limitation”


So what is the learning here?

Back on the final page of his Introduction Jampolsky concludes:-

“We sense our potential, but it is held behind ‘closed doors’. As you will see as we progress on our journey together, these blocks are are really only attitudes in need of healing, and because they are attitudes that we alone have chosen, they can be altered. With each small change, another ‘door’ springs open.” 

So the lesson is be strong enough to change your attitudes!

All life’s experiences are opportunities to learn. The challenge is to decide, what is the real lesson to be learnt?

How to use:-

1) Accept you need to change your Attitude and Actions on a daily basis.

2) Read, view, discuss and learn other ways. Set time aside daily to study.

3) Practice a new action until it becomes a better habit. Then discuss with your friends.

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