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We are all here to live every situation we can imagine, good or bad; right or wrong; positive or negative. Why? So we can learn from the experience as part of the adventure of life.  Murray Kibblewhite

CASE STUDY – HOW TO GAIN EQUALITY                                                               


A letter to the Editor of the NZ Herald newspaper dated 3 January 2019 by Brendan McNeill had the heading “Mass migration threatens Western culture.”

He says:-

“The challenge we face inn the West is an existential one. Can we absorb millions f people from the third world and still retain our cultural identity? If the experiences of Britain and Europe are any guide, the answer is probably not.

Further on he states:-

New Zealand has so far been fortunate with its migration experience but with 44% of Auckland’s resident population born outside of New Zealand, we are surely approaching the limits of successful integration and sustainability.

 Then from reading the huge 1135 page biography “Andrew Carnegie” by Joseph Frazier Wall on page 109 he states:

“Here was the realized Utopia of a young Scot’s Chartist dreams. Only in a land where ‘we have the Charter’ would a prosperous young man have to fight for the same privileges enjoyed by ‘the working boy who was bound.’ This, to Andrew, was the wonder and glory of America. It would remain his most basic creed, and never in the years ahead would he have reason to doubt it.”

Now after some 170 years we face similar issues with over immigration and how to deal with the challenges of unproductive population. One answer is to create an alternative economic system such as “Time Banking”. Under this system, for each hour of service that members give they earn an hour’s worth of an alternative currency known as “time dollars”, which can be traded for services from other members.

Time banking is the brainchild of law professor Edgar Cahn, whose books Time Dollars and No More Throw-Away People describe how trading services – everything from haircuts and dance lessons to weatherization and health care – can strengthen communities by providing equality.


So what is the learning here?

Seemingly, forever the same issues have controlled us; rich v poor, the need for the same privileges for all and political and economic systems that do not treat all fairly.

So check out Time Banking, it may be the answer for your community!

All life’s experiences are opportunities to learn. The challenge is to decide, what is the real lesson to be learnt?

How to use:-

1) Accept you need to change your Attitude and Actions on a daily basis.

2) Read, view, discuss and learn other ways. Set time aside daily to study.

3) Practice a new action until it becomes a better habit. Then discuss with your friends.

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