Month: July 2015

PROJECT L.E.L. – Year 29

Project LEL 29

Master Learning?”

Michael smiled at June’s puzzled question. “Yes, a Master Learning!” he confirmed, then explained, “From a Spiritual point of view this is where a person chooses an extra challenging way to live in this incarnation!”

June stared at him repeating, “Extra challenging way to live! You’re right about that! But why?”

Michael smiled again at her self-examination, then continued, “At present you are the sum of all the past lives you have had – it’s easier to understand this if you accept reincarnation – and you have chosen this difficult way as proof to yourself and to God that you are ready to move to a higher plane, and do not need to return to Earth again!”

June nodded slowly as she took in the explanation.

Michael continued, “You are intelligent – you’re completing a Bachelor’s Degree. You are independent – you have all these book reviews to complete, and you have a great personality, you have a partner – but you have chosen …”

June took over and ended the conversation, “… chosen to be born without the use of my legs so I am confined to my wheelchair!”

Michael smiled at her self-flagellation, understanding her concern, then offered a further explanation, “The learning you experience as a person confined to a wheelchair is quite different to when you experienced being able to walk and run, because you have already experienced that and you don’t need to go through again!”

June nodded in semi-belief and Michael added, “And you chose this experience as your own final self-test!”


While June contemplated her situation, Michael recalled back to when he sought out a helper – someone to manage his social media and PR requirements.

He had approached the CCS Disability Action, Northern Region which had their offices close by and Peter the Community Support Coordinator had no hesitation in recommending June. He himself, as he explained, had an impediment which took effect when he was under stress. However, he looked and acted very normally to Michael.

It seemed that June had been born crippled, without the ability to use her legs. This confined her to a wheel chair for the rest of her life.

“But she is a smart person with a wonderful personality who is passionate about books. I believe she is studying for a BA majoring in Communications through the Open Polytechnic. She is a hard worker who has shown great patience and perseverance in achieving what she has.” Peter explained as they sat in his office. “Normally people like June, work with you on a voluntary basis for several months before going onto a payment basis.”

Michael was impressed and asked, ”Has she worked with others?”

Peter nodded and explained she had a full time position as a Library Assistant with Manukau Public Library.” Then, seeing Michael’s interest continued, “Can I have your contact details please?”

Michael accepted his recommendation, as it was becoming important for him to have assistance in this area so as to allow him more time for other work matters. As he gave Peter his phone number and e-mail address he asked, “What do we do now?”

Peter smiled as he advised, “I will ask her to contact you directly and arrange a time to meet.”

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